Hello lovelies!

I was so pleasantly surprised to receive some questions through social media, on where we’ve been the last couple of months and why A Belle & A Brit hasn’t been active. Well guys, I’m back in NYC and I promise I haven’t abandoned the page! We actually have big future plans for this page, and will be investing a lot of time into curating styled travel diaries. Guys the last 2 months have just been crazy! Those that follow us on Instagram already know that while in France, we got engaged! This means that there will be a whole new element added to A Belle & A Brit..a big move abroad to join The Archer in England, and it’s happening soon. Within the next few weeks I’ll be posting about our time in France, including recommendations for gorgeous sites to wander about and amazing cafes that you cannot leave France without visiting. I’ve been absolutely enamored by and so entirely wrapped up in wedding planning, so anyone else out there with a shared passion will be happy to know that lots of wedding related posts may be showing up in the future! Look out for a post sharing bits and pieces of our engagement story as well! For now, I leave you with a petite photo diary of the French countryside in the Spring.♡♡♡

–A Belle & A Brit xo