Cornwall; a mystical and ancient land abounding in legend and myths of knights, mermaids, kings and magic. Bordered by the Celtic Sea to the north and the English Channel to the south, the peninsula is brimming with dramatic cliffs, turquoise waters, smugglers coves steeped in mystery, and the ever so delicious Cornish cream tea.

Since I moved to England some weeks ago, The Archer and I have spent quite a bit of time on the wild and rugged Cornish coast (namely what’s known as the Cornish Riviera). First, for a whirlwind weekend engagement shoot with the incredible photographer of Enchanted Brides, where we stood atop the craggy cliffs of Kynance and held each other close in the November wind. A wander down steep steps of what was once apart of the  ancient Cornish kingdom, passing barefoot through a petrous beach made up of thousands upon thousands of rounded stacked stones and barnacle rocks, and ending on the highest of notes: a sandy beach, secluded and romantic, and only accessible at low tide.

The Groom-To-Be

How incredibly handsome does The Archer look? For our styled shoot, The Archer opted for a classic ensemble of a fitted TM Lewin button down shirt paired with a chocolate tweed waistcoat by Moss Bros, and a pair of perfectly tailored trousers by Alexandre London. Absolutely gorgeous pair of brogues by Ted Baker, and the buttonhole (which we grew incredibly fond of that day!) by the talented Cornish supplier Clare of the Cornish Cutting Garden. Final touch was a last minute pop into the Truro Topman for a leather bracelet.

The Bride-To-Be

When I first realized this vision in my head of eloping to the wildly romantic Cornwall, I dreamed up a million details which would play their parts in this dreamy vision that I couldn’t get out of my head. First, an engagement shoot on the very same beaches and cliff tops where the legendary tragic romance of Tristan and Isolde was said to have happened a thousand years ago. An Irish Princess from across the sea and a Cornish Knight hopelessly in love in a story which is now engraved forever into history. A love story that inspired another favorite, Romeo & Juliet, and a love story that inspired our own shoots, as there is some symbolism in a girl who traveled across the sea (albeit American not Irish, and not technically a Princess 😛 ) to be with her English love. Second would be the actual elopement (future post to come on the most incredible day of our lives). But not getting ahead of myself..back to the engagement shoot.

The gorgeous gown by British designers Needle & Thread who are known for embellishments that sparkle and layers of tulle while all still somehow seeming understated and nonchalant. Of course I chose an iridescent bodice reminiscent of mermaid scales. Makeup by the absolute sweetheart Amy Pike of Amy Pike Makeup Artistry. Locks by the lovely Samantha of Dukes & Dames in Truro. Hair flowers by Cornish Cutting Garden, and rose cut diamonds of course from my darling The Archer.

Not only the setting and attire, but the creatives who help convey our story had to have the same aesthetic–a bohemian romance, something whimsical and timeless. I sought after someone who had the same vision and same vibes, and found that in the incredibly talented Jo of Enchanted Brides. Enchanted Brides completely understood my need to wear a gown while barefoot and frolic in the sea, even though it was basically Winter.

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What an incredible experience it was, to spend a day wandering the most breathtaking of coasts, adventuring across streams and wading into the sea. At one point Jo even piggybacked The Archer and I across a stretch of high tide to access a secluded portion of Kynance! Such memories were made and it brings such a smile to my face looking back on the photos. It’s with a full heart that I’ve realized my passion for the styling of intimate weddings, elopements and the shoots that go along with them, and thus will be morphing A Belle and A Brit, from just a hobby blog of travel, lifestyle and fashion, into something in the direction of elopement styling. I’ve had my fill of the New York Fashion Industry, and styling for high fashion photo shoots, and love the idea of incorporating that into real romances and real love stories. There is absolutely nothing more romantic than a real life couple exploring the most beautiful parts of the world together. The intimacy of a couple in love against the vastness of the natural world is simply breathtaking.

A Belle and A Brit xx

(All photos on this post by Enchanted Brides )