Once Upon A Time…

A free-spirited California girl moved to New York City, where she got swept up into the Fashion Industry.

Meanwhile, A handsome boy from a most picturesque storybook village in Surrey, left England to travel the world.

When their paths crossed, it was as if the stars above which had remained dark for so long, all at once lit up and illuminated the sky ever so brightly. It was clear to the young couple, that they were destined to cross oceans to be together; that their souls had always been intertwined, and forever would be.

                                                                                                                                                      Ashley, of A Belle & A Brit

My background is in the fast paced world of photo shoots and haute couture; Upper East Side socialites and fashion shows during NYFW. With the initial desire to be a fashion designer, I studied under the guidance of a world renowned couture designer, who has dressed Hollywood’s elite, and showcased in the fashion capitals of the world, from Paris to Milan.

By nature I am a visionary, and an incredibly detail-oriented person, and this along with my passion for ethereal aesthetics left me with the deepest desire to dive into the adjacent world of styling and production of photo shoots.

For several years I learned the ins and outs of styling and producing photo shoots alongside major New York City fashion designers, photographers, and stylists. Yet something was still missing, it was all too structured. I yearned to create something with an air of romance about it; something set in wild landscapes, with real emotion behind each shot.

When the other half of A Belle & A Brit, my darling Keith proposed, it was done so under the glittering stars in Montmartre, the highest point in Paris. From that moment on, our fates were sealed. I left my home in the concrete jungle of NYC, and moved to the lush green countryside of England, dotted with medieval villages and wild horses.

Never before have I felt so entirely whole. An upbringing in the glamorous city lights entangled with living abroad in the serene storybook countryside of England. My passion is the fusion between the two. Dreamy couture set on rugged coastlines and forests of bluebells, makes for the most ethereal of captures.